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Molten is a Transformation Specialist focusing on the Industrial and Consumer Markets. We work with our clients to help them build capabilities and improve the way they work. To do this, we draw on a range of tools, methodologies and disciplines, and our particular expertise in: Organisation, Technology and Data and Process. Find out more.

Business Transformation

Our Transformation team focuses on business performance improvement and driving outcomes, and has deep experience in using our structured process to help companies deliver major business transformations. Find out more.

The Data Management Assessment Tool (DMAT)

Does everyone in your organisation have information they can trust to make timely, incisive and value-added decisions? We developed the DMAT, the benchmarking tool, to help you assess the current state of managing data in your organisation. Try it here

Brexit – Molten’s view

Many of our clients, who in the past have asked us to help them develop their strategies, have asked for our views on Brexit. Our answers for them are framed in their context. Our consultants and associates have also asked for our…

Molten Blog - Brexit

Learning from conflict- six lessons for business leaders and consultants

Molten blog Learning from conflict

I have just finished reading Max Hastings’ excellent book on the Falklands War. It is both deeply insightful about the conflict and directly applicable to complex…

Organisation design – lessons from architecture

Molten blog Organisation design lessons from architecture

I like good design. Products and buildings that are well designed are aesthetically pleasing, but for me, they also evoke human ingenuity. I often wonder when and how we moved from tent-like…

The popular myths about today’s low oil prices


An important and widely reported downward trend for oil prices started in July 2014, continuing today with the price per barrel dipping below $30…

Is Social Media Too Risky for Some Companies?


Social media has become an integral part of our lives, from the way we connect with people to the way we search for and purchase goods and services…

Successful strategies (and some others). Ten examples.


Last month I wrote about the top components of successful strategies. This month using these components I look at 10 strategies (using public domain data)…

Will water companies be ready for competition?


You will need to have had your head well and truly buried in the sand not to know that 2016 will be a huge year for the English Water industry with an even bigger one planned for 2017…