Transformation Specialist focusing on the Industrial and Consumer Markets

Molten is a Transformation Specialist. Based in London and Houston, we offer deep expertise in high-impact or transformation projects.

Why we are different:

Global perspective:

  • In the last 24 months we delivered projects in 32 countries across all continents
  • We value diversity and excel at working across cultural and national borders in all global regions

Authentic approach:

  • We cater our services to each client’s unique business goals and objectives
  • We know and understand our clients’ industry and professional environment
  • We transfer knowledge and embed processes to ensure that the operation continues to deliver results long after we are gone

Molten timeline:

  • 2003 Molten UK founded by Rory Colfer and Irene Molodtsov
  • 2004 income $2million+
  • 2008 Profitable throughout recession, paid bonuses and retained all staff
  • 2009 to 2011 turnover continues to grow
  • 2011 Molten Holdings Ltd and formal board structure established. Molten opens a dedicated office in Houston USA
  • 2013 Molten continues to grow and deepen its services, geographical footprint and client base and acquires Polestar Group, a US-based transformation consultancy in Oil and Gas.
For more details on how Molten’s global consultancy expertise is achieving operational efficiency and organisational performance for companies, please call us on +44 20 7629 0403 or contact us